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  • FEELING BLUE, FEELING GREEN - Chrysocolla Necklace - GRANATE 27
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FEELING BLUE, FEELING GREEN - Chrysocolla Necklace

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Chrysocolla Necklace
Exclusive Product for FLYING SOLO NEW YORK

Description: Who could say this green and blue Chrysocolla necklace is not as romantic as if it was full of hearts? Inspired by the ISLA DEL COCO in Costa Rica, we made to embellish your elegant neck with 12 petals framed with golden hematite, more Chrysocolla, and an eye-catching Pre-Columbian detail made in Sterling Silver and plated in 14k gold. You made it so far and deserve a wonderful gift. Why don’t you?

Pre-Columbian Art in Costa Rica: In Costa Rican history, gold was considered a symbol of authority and the Pre-Columbian art is a testament to the craftsmanship of that period. A pandemic of gold fever gripped the New World for centuries. Columbus, on his last voyage, named a strip of land he touched “Costa Rica” because of the ubiquity of gold he saw on the necks, arms, and chests of its inhabitants. The term "Pre-Columbian art" refers to the architecture, art, and crafts of the native peoples of North, Central, and South America, and the islands of the Caribbean (c.13,000 BCE - 1500 CE) up to the time period marked by the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.


• 950 Sterling Silver handcrafted OT clasp with 14k gold plating
• Chrysocolla flat slabs
• Chrysocolla small round
• 950 Sterling Silver handcrafted Pre-Columbian frog pendant with 14k gold plating
• This astonishing necklace is available in 17" length. Chrysocolla petals are 1”
• One piece available for a very lucky girl

  • Composition: 100% natural Chrysocolla, 950 Sterling Silver, 14K gold plating
  • Made in Costa Rica
  • To buy this necklace please visit FLYING SOLO NEW YORK