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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, CORTEZ NEGRO Tree - GRANATE 27

Handmade Wire Tree Necklace - Cortez Negro Tree

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This is a 100% handcrafted tree pendant made of solid 950 Sterling Silver.  The tree is wrapped with copper wire and Swarovski crystals. It is inspired by the majestic Cortez Negro tree in Costa Rica.

It blooms outstanding pink bouquets from January to March.  Mostly seen in the mountains and a few in the city but both impossible to miss.

Details & Materials

  • 100% handcrafted in Costa Rica
  • 950 Sterling Silver
  • Wire-wrapped tree pendant
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Copper wire
  • 925 Sterling Silver chain is included
  • A beautiful descriptive card is included with some related information about this tree.
  • Scientific Name:   Tabebuia impetiginosa

Size Available:

  • Large 44 x 44 mm and 48 crystals
  • Small 38 x 38 mm and 42 crystals

Care Instructions:

  • 950 Sterling Silver is much better quality than the standard 925 SS because it is purer.  It lasts much longer and will look as new every time it is cleaned properly. After taking your jewelry off, clean it with a soft polishing cloth avoiding the crystal area. Be very careful to not pull out the wire because it may break.  Periodically, wash it in warm water with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. DO NOT brush it. Dry it out using a hairdryer.
  • Do not spray perfume, cologne nor cream on the pendant or chain.
  • Keep it in the jewelry box it was received.


  • This necklace is packed in a beautiful jewelry box that protects it from any hazard during transportation.  
  • International orders are shipped from Costa Rica within 3-5 business days and will be received within 2-3 weeks. If a faster shipping is desired, please contact us.
  • Domestic orders will be shipped d within 2-3 days.
  • Check out our Shipping and Return Policy here


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