Our Story

Granate 27 was founded in Costa Rica by Mariana Mena in 2011, with the intent of creating unique jewelry to women who understand and value what it is to look different and wear one of a kind accessories.

Her design is bold and unexpected, elegant and eye catching.  Although the brand produces in very small editions to offer exclusivity in the design, there are some collections as FRUTA BENDITA that can be produced in larger quantities.

Her collections are produced in Costa Rica by a small team of skilled artisans and by herself, and extreme care goes into each piece. She buys extraordinary natural semiprecious stones from Thailand, China, Peru, Hong Kong, Turkey and whereever she finds unique materials: wooden, acrylic and metals are some of the favorites. Each piece and collections have a distinct narrative that tells a story and are inspired by Costa Rica, most of the times.

The brand has been part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Costa Rica and many of her designs have been worn in New York, Milan, Paris and Spain.

It is not only the quality of the materials and the exquisite design Granate 27 offers, but the details in each piece. Nothing leaves the workshop until it has been tried and fits perfectly.

 Granate 27