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Choosing the perfect necklace

Hmmm, choosing the best necklace  could be difficult most times. With the different types of necklines for different dresses, it is difficult to choose the right ones. To get to the top of the food chain, you have to be aware of the aesthetics of your dresses, and your necklaces perfectly. Only 100% awareness about the beauty of the necklaces and the necklines can help you to fare through the treacherous tides of fashion.

Some smart tips can change the game entirely. You only have to follow the following information to wield the power of aesthetics.


The motto of V neckline is to draw the attention of the viewers to your cleavage or chest. So, you should choose a necklace which complements this task, and does not wage war against the necklines. Choose a pendant which is angular and has some similarity with the shape of V. The size of the pendant should change according to the width of the V neckline. The wider the neckline is, the bigger the pendant should be. Don’t ever make a mistake of choosing round shaped pendant with any V neck dress. Such pendant clashes with the neckline and makes you look completely mismatch.


Strapless dresses give you a long patch of skin to play with. You should go for something which helps to draw attention to your collarbones. Chokers are the best choice for this type of dresses. You should go for a shorter pendant if you like to experiment. However, try to keep all the focus on your collarbones and necklines. Princess necklaces can be a good match for this type of necklines.

Halter Necklines

People do not like to wear necklaces with halter tops. If you don’t like the idea, then you should choose something which is narrower or shorter. Choose something which draws attention away from your chest. Wearing something long or wearing chokers does the trick perfectly.

Square Necklines

Choose the pendants which have some sharp angles. However, don’t choose anything which is square. You can play with the types of necklaces, but, ensure that the necklace length does not extend beyond the neckline of your dress.

Remember, wearing necklaces helps to enhance your overall look, but, you should be aware of what type of necklaces compliments your dress to get the breathtaking look. Follow the above tips, and you are good to go. However, you create your own style.  Always wear what makes you feel better.